We often form metal products in our factory. This blog covers metal forming and some of our metal forming equipment.

All of our metal forming begins with either flat sheet metal or coils of steel. The size of the production run and type of forming will dictate the type of material to use and ultimately, which sheet metal forming equipment we will use to form the metal part.

We will punch or cut flat sheet metal material on either our Amada CNC turret punch press, Amada CNC Laser, or Minster press. Which machine to use will depend on the volume of the production run, the thickness of the sheet metal, the type of sheet metal that we are forming, and other factors.

Our Amada CNC turret punch is a 22 ton punch press that is ideal for punching a variety of different types of sheet metal. The punch press punches out metal parts quickly. We have a variety of tooling available for making holes of different sizes and shapes. In addition, our in house tooling department can make additional tooling for custom sheet metal products. Our engineers upload drawings directly to the CNC turret punch CPU to accurately and efficiently program the machine.

Our Amada CNC laser cutter is a 2,000 watt laser cutter than can cut sheet metal quickly. We use our laser cutter for thicker materials or if a more complicated cut is necessary. Our laser cutter is a great option when the part geometry is complicated or when the sheet metal is thick. Our engineers upload drawings directly to the CNC laser cutter CPU to accurately and efficiently program the machine.

Our Minster 45 ton gap frame press is sometimes the right press to use for certain types of metal parts. For this press, we use a coil of metal that feeds directly into the press. In addition to having more force, this press can punch out parts very fast.

After punching the metal part, we then bend it, possibly weld it to a wire form or another metal part, and then apply a metal finish. See our webpage on metal finishes here for more information on metal finishing options.

For more information on metal products or metal fabrication, contact us now at [email protected].