OEM Wire Fabricator

Special Requirements

If your custom wire shelves or wire products have special requirements, our team is ready to put our experience and skill to work for you. As a leading wire fabricator, learn how we can improve your supply chain.

ISO Certified

Pronto is an ISO certified wire products manufacturer. We invest in our process and our people to ensure we consistently deliver parts to specification.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance program is built on three pillars. People Quality, Process Quality, and Product Quality. All three work together to make us a reliable part of your supply chain.

Quality Control

Our quality control engineers work together with our production team to make sure that your critical dimensions or your custom wire shelves, metal components, custom made wire baskets, or wire racks are rigorously tested. Investments in our process and our people make us a valued OEM wire fabricator for some of the largest companies in the world.


Our design engineers work with you to ensure that your design meets your requirements in a cost effective manner. We “Design for Efficiency” in order to make your supply chain run smoothly and efficiently.

Customer Service

Our customer service team will stay in contact with you and assist you during every step of our process. Communication with our customers ensures that we are able to quickly respond to any changes in demand.


We “Design for Efficiency” if we are involved in the design process  for your custom wire shelves. If your design is established, we design our manufacturing process to reduce labor and material costs.

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OEM Wire Fabricator

We are the leading wire fabricator in a wide range of industries. As a full service OEM supplier, we control our entire process for most parts, reducing costs, and lead times. Our engineers work closely with your team to make sure that your custom wire shelves, wire forms, and metal parts are made on time and according to specifications.

Our fixtures are designed using CAD software and then machined in house by our tooling department. In addition to production fixtures, we make various test fixtures to ensure compliance with critical dimensions. Fixture design is often overlooked.

Our CNC machine operators go through our internal training program and testing before they get to the production floor. Programming our CNC machines is a critical part of our process. Our CNC wire forming and bending machines produce thousands of high quality custom wire shelves, wire products, and metal parts every day. Having high capacity allows us to respond to any changes in your demand and smooths out your OEM supply chain.

Welding wire forms, custom wire shelves, metal assemblies, custom made wire baskets, and other wire products is an important part of our manufacturing process. We use various types of welds depending on the product and customer requirements. Resistance, MIG, TIG, and robotic welding are some of our capabilities.

To keep your OEM supply chain running smoothly, we control many of our metal finishes in house. Electropolish, polyethylene, Teflon, plastisol, Talisman, and several other coatings are applied in house, eliminating the need to use an external vendor. This helps reduce lead time and costs – benefits that are passed on to you.

Special Considerations

CAD Simulation

Pronto uses CAD software for our parts, fixtures, and design work. We also use CAD simulations to test fit, tolerances, and function for stainless steel wire baskets and other wire products.

Material Selection

Start right by selecting materials that are well suited for your application. We use a variety of different materials to make sure that your wire form or sheet metal part will work as intended.

Metal Finishing

Selecting the correct finish for wire forms and metal products is critical. We can help you select the custom wire basket finish that will withstand the temperature, stress, or other relevant considerations for your metal products.

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