Steel Wire Baskets

Special Requirements

Stainless steel wire mesh baskets for the foodservice industry need to meet NSF requirements. Pronto has a long history of making these baskets for a wide range of uses. Our baskets are used in some of the top foodservice chains in commercial fryers, rethermalizers, and other kitchen operations.

Usually, we recommend using 201 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel for these types of baskets and racks. Also, wire mesh will also often be used depending on the end use and customer specifications.

201 Stainless Steel

Type 201 stainless steel contains at least 16% chromium and meets the requirements of NSF ANSI 51, related to food equipment materials.

Quality Assurance

Pronto is an ISO certified manufacturer. Our quality assurance program is an important part of our manufacturing process.

304 Stainless Steel

Type 304 stainless steel provides improved corrosion resistance over 201 stainless steel and is recommended in acidic or otherwise corrosive environments.

Quality Control

Our quality control engineers develop quality checkpoints specifically for the baskets and racks that we manufacture.


Whether 201 or 304 stainless steel is used, electropolishing is a must. Electropolishing greatly enhances the corrosion resistance of the base material.


Our design engineers can help you save time and money with your steel wire baskets.

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Custom Wire Racks

Pronto is a leading manufacturer of custom wire racks. Our process starts with the design of the rack. This includes choosing from the different finishes available. For custom wire racks used in the kitchen, the usual choice is electropolishing. However, we make many steel wire racks that require different coatings. PTFE (commonly called Teflon), LDPE, nylon, and powder coating are all available options. Our experienced engineers can help you choose the right metal finish for your application.

Steel wire racks are used as bottle racks, flat racks, holding racks, table caddies, and a variety of other uses. If it is in the foodservice industry, we have probably made something similar to what you require. Our long history and experience enable us to design and manufacture custom wire racks and steel wire baskets quickly and efficiently.

Many stainless steel wire mesh baskets used in the foodservice industry require fine wire mesh. We have a variety of stainless steel wire mesh that we keep in stock, reducing lead times. Our production engineers have many years of experience cutting, bending, forming, and welding wire mesh for a wide range of products.

Front of the house wire racks and baskets often have cosmetic requirements. This means that weld appearance and finishing is important. We have developed a variety of techniques to make sure that our steel wire baskets and custom wire racks are cosmetically appealing.

Special Considerations

CAD Simulation

Pronto uses CAD software for our parts, fixtures, and design work. We also use CAD simulations to test fit, tolerances, and function for stainless steel wire baskets and other wire products.

Material Selection

Start right by selecting materials that are well suited for your application. We use a variety of different materials to make sure that your wire form or sheet metal part will work as intended.

Metal Finishing

Selecting the correct finish for wire forms and metal products is critical. We can help you select the custom wire basket finish that will withstand the temperature, stress, or other relevant considerations for your metal products.

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