Determining what type of metal finishing is right for your wire product or metal product is very important. Pronto offers a wide variety of metal finishes to make sure that your wire product will work as intended.

Electropolish is commonly used to finish stainless steel products. The electropolish process starts with cleaning the wire form of oil and dirt. Next, the part is put in an acid pickle bath to remove weld scale. During the next step, the part is immersed in an electropolish bath and a current is applied to improve the chromium to iron ratio at the surface. After that, the part is put in a nitric acid bath to remove free iron particles at the surface. The result of an electropolish finish is a stainless steel wire product or metal product that is particularly well suited for many industries, including the medical and foodservice industries.

Thermoset powder coatings are common metal finishes. Powder coated parts first go through a cleaning process to remove oil and dirt. The next step is a phosphate dip, which is used to help with powder adhesion. Next, the powder is sprayed on and finally, it goes into a cure oven. Powder coatings come in numerous colors and have many different characteristics.

Thermoplastic coatings are another metal finish. Thermoplastic coatings come in powder and liquid form. First, the part is cleaned, and then depending on the coating, a primer is applied. After that, depending on the coating, the part is dipped in a fluidized bed, sprayed, or dipped in a tank. Thermoplastic coatings result in a durable coating that is ideal for many applications.

It can be difficult to decide on what type of metal finish is best for a wire product or metal product. Our experienced team of engineers can help you decide which type of metal finish is best for you. Contact us at [email protected].